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Options of its skull and jaws point out it was specifically a member of Alligatoroidea, the lineage of Crocodylia represented at present by alligators and caimen. It is not uncommon to see Deinosuchus known as a ‘big alligator’, however this is probably not correct and I like to recommend avoiding such terminology, even for lay audiences. Alligators and Alligatoridae are a particular group of alligatoroids with particular habits and anatomy, and so they are not any more carefully related to Deinosuchus than caimen.

It must also be burdened that neither of our modern alligatoroid clades are particularly carefully related to Deinosuchus. I figure most people will intuitively grasp the rough which means of ‘giant alligatoroid’, and suggest this time period is utilized in choice of ‘alligator’ in outreach media about this animal. The Deinosuchus fossil report is something of a blended bag. There are a whole bunch of fossils of it, but most of them are remoted postcranial bones, broken bits of skull and, especially, these massive teeth and osteoderms.

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